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Our trainee flats on St. Pauli

Hamburg, 07 May 2021

Our latest project is our investment in the future: our trainee flats. With the construction of the new flats, we have created a solution that counteracts the overcrowded Hamburg housing market, increases the team spirit inbetween the trainees and directly benefits our future, our trainees of the Empire Riverside Hotel & Hotel Hafen Hamburg. We are very proud of the 36 flats in total and would like to tell you what the project is all about.

„We want to make it as easy as possible for our apprentices and students to start their careers in the exciting hotel industry and are very proud of our stylish, practical and, above all, team-building apprentice flats. Training in the hotel and restaurant industry offers many exciting new experiences and we think it is great to be able to support the trainees of the Empire Riverside Hotel and the Hotel Hafen Hamburg in the best possible way on their way into professional life.”

Hotelmanager Enrico Ungermann