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Alex | Jungfernstieg | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Cafés, Beach Clubs

Enjoy a great view on the Binnenalster and a short break from the nearby hustle and bustle of the hectic city. All day long good food and drinks are served and you can even warm your toes in the sand during the summer months. But be advised: Particularly on weekends seats may not be guaranteed.

Picture: © Spahrbier

2,7 km away
Alsterhaus | Shopping | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Passages & Stores

The exclusive and more than 100 years old traditional Alsterhaus is the highlight of every shopping spree in the city. Exclusive fashion on more than 24.000 square meters as well als confectionery stores, beauty lounges and delicatessen stores will let shopping hearts beat a little higher!

Picture: © Schwarze

3,2 km away
Altona Balcony | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Altonaer Balkon

27 Meters above the River Elbe, this viewpoint offers spectaculare views on the harbour and you will see many big ships crossing the river. The impressive panorama invites visitors to linger and if you want to enjoy a nice walk, the beautiful Elbstrand is not far away.

2,0 km away
Altonaer Museum Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Altonaer Museum

The Altonaer Museum offers great attractions for the whole family. Family tours through the museum or a "Kinderolymp", which explains the exhibition pieces in a interactive and playful manner enthuse the small visitors.

3,6 km away
Au Quai | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Au Quai

The Au Quai is a fish restaurant with a french-italien touch. You can enjoy the various dishes with views over the Elbe and in summer, the terrace welcomes you with a maritime flair. In the area of focus are regional products, qualitiy and fresh fish.

Picture: ©AU QUAI

3,1 km away
Aussenalster | Hotel Hafen Hamburg

The 7.4 kilometers around the Außenalster are one of the most enjoyable activities in Hamburg. A walk around the Außenalster invites you to unwind and relax in the beautiful nature. The little cafes and pavilions along the way are offer small culinary delicacies and coffees and cakes.
Tip: These 7.4 kilometers are also known as a beautiful jogging area and it is possible to rent boats or canoes all around the Außenalster.

3,5 km away
Brücke 10 | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Brücke 10

What should not be missed during a Hamburg stay? A tasty fish bun - best with beautiful views at the river Elbe. We have found the tastiest one for you directly at the Landungsbrücken at “Brücke 10” where you can enjoy your bun watching the big ships and let your mind wander.

Picture: ©Nicole Gaidies

2,0 km away
Cap San Diego

The worldwide biggest museum cargo ship belongs to the port of Hamburg. The still apt to sail CAP SAN DIEGO can be visit every day and a few times a year the ship sets to sea in the in the course of a museum sail.

3,0 km away
Cemetary Ohlsdorf Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Cemetery Ohlsdorf
Sights, Activities

The cemetery Ohlsdorf offers a impressive flora and fauna. 389 hectare are characterised with big green areas, ponds and even many animals feel home here. Since 1877 it is possible to get in touch with culture, recovery and history at the worldwide biggest park cemetery Ohlsdorf.

10,9 km away
Chocoversum Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Museums & Exhibitions, Activities

In the Cocoversum you will enjoy the sweet pleasure of many different chocolates, whilst learnin something about the traditional production of our beloved candy. The production is explained in a fun atmosphere, joining in and tasting are explicitly encouraged - just the thing for chocolate lovers!

Picture: ©Hachez Chocoversum GmbH

2,9 km away
Chug Club Empire Riverside Hotel
Chug Club
Cocktail Bars

“Bar of the year“ and “Host of the year“ – is there anything more to say? The owner Bettina Kupsa has created a drink called “Chug”, which is a mixture out of a shot and a long drink – and with that has hit the bar scene’s bullseye!

Picture: ©Tim Gerdts

961 m away
Town Hall Night Mood
City Hall

The impressive town hall at the Rathausmarkt in the city centre is well worth a visit and the political centre of Hamburg. After 13 years of construction, the town hall is fascinates its visitors not only from the outside but can also be discovered from inside with a guided tour.

Picture: © Kai Hegeler

2,5 km away
Clockers Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Cocktail Bars

In this trendy bar, the high quality of the drinks always comes first. You will get exclusive spirits out of the owners’ home production. By the way: the Clockers is the perfect location for a high-class gin-tasting.

Picture: ​​​​​©clockers GmbH

1,4 km away
Cuneo Hotel Hafen Hamburg

The family run Trattioria is located very close to our hotel and as well to our hearts. We love the Cuneo and its family and we are happy to have them around us. The unpretentious Italian food, the great service and wine, directly imported from Italy, make a perfect evening. With more than 100 years tradition the Cuneo is the oldest Italian restaurant in Hamburg.


1,1 km away
Die Herren Köstlich Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Die Herren Köstlich

The authentic cafe „Die Herren Köstlich“ is located close to the Michel. After having a great sweet or hearty meal you can buy fancy delicacies to take home. The big tea and coffee selection and the wide variety of delicacies in a living- room- like atmosphere leave no culinary desires unsatisfied.

2,3 km away
Musical | Lion King | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Theater & Musical

The deeply moving, beautifuly story of the litte lion Simba is equally well known and loved by young and old. DISNEYS THE LION KING is the most famous musical worldwide and we cannot imagine Hamburg without it. The colorful African world on the other side of the river Elbe with incredible costumes and touching music create an incomparable musical-adventure.

Picture: ©Stage Entertainment

12,6 km away
Dollhouse Hotel Hafen Hamburg

In the strip club Dollhouse sophisticated strip shows and table dance expects you. The Dollhouse is well known beyond the city’s boarders and a visit worth. You will get a good impression of the red-light district, which belongs to our beautiful haseatic city.

1,6 km away
Elbphilharmonie | Boat | Hotel Hafen Hamburg

Our Elphi – the Elbphilharmonie is one of the most famous landmarks in Hamburg and even the locals have taken the Elphi into their hearts. You should not miss out a visit to the plaza – it is free of charge!

2,9 km away
Flea Market Eppendorf Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Eppendorf Jumble Sale
Flea Markets

The Eppendorfer jumble sale is a special one! It is only permitted for private exibitiors who live in or next to Eppendorf to offer their goods and chattels. On this jumble sale you can find great antiques as well as small memories to you Hamburg trip.

5,6 km away
Events | Oktoberfest | Fischauktionshalle | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Sights, Local, Activities

Every Sunday morning the traditional Fischmarkt welcomes more than 70.000 guests. In the summer the Fischmarkt opens at 5am and the unique flair is characterized by
Live-music, flowers, fruits, fish and more delicacies and you can get a great breakfast during the sunrise.

Picture: © Spahrbier

2,0 km away
Gansemarktpassage Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Passages & Stores

The Gänsemarkt passage with 25 shops and boutiques is a shopping highlight for every generation. You will finde something for every taste and after shopping you can relax in one of the cafés and observe the colorful hustle around you.

3,3 km away
Hamburg Del Mar Hotel Hafen Hamburg
HAMBURG del mar
Beach Clubs

On sunny days the beach clubs are a great option to relax. Very close to the Hotel Hafen Hamburg the beach club Hamburg Del Mar is located and invites with good drinks and food to relax and enjoy. With the light breeze from the river Elbe it feels like holidays!

©Hauck Fotografie

1,8 km away
Dungeon Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Hamburg Dungeon

In the Hamburg Dungeon you will learn in a spectacular way something about the dark past of our Hanseatic city. Take a trip to the past and enjoy entertainment on a high level.
Tip: To avoid the long queue you can reserve tickets in advance.

©Bjoern Gantert

2,3 km away
Puppet Theatre
Hamburgs Puppet Theatre

In this puppet theatre shows like "Rabbit and Hedgehog", "Petterson and Findus" or "Max and Moritz" enthuse the audience. The love in every detail not only lets the eyes of children shine.

7,5 km away
Jenischpark Jenischhaus Hotel Hafen Hamburg

24 hectare nature can be explored in the Jenischpark, which is part of the nature reserve Flottbektal and is located close to the Elbe. Culture lovers can enjoy the Jenisch-Haus and the Art forum, which are also located within the park.

Picture: © Brinckmann

8,3 km away
Alex | Jungfernstieg | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Sights, Activities

Located in the heart of our Hanseatic city, the Jungfernstieg belongs to one of the most beautiful and popular places in Hamburg. In 1838 the Jungfernstieg was the first asphalted square in Germany. Nowadays you can sit down on the stairs, enjoy the view of the Alster and reload your energy for the rest of the day.

Picture: © Vallbracht

2,8 km away
Canoeing Alster Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Kanu on the Alster Lake

Hamburgs countless waterways can be used in summertime for canoeing and paddle boating. Become familiar with Hamburg in a special, idyllic way and spend the day relaxing whilst afloat. A special Highligt: You can get your ice cream straight from the shore.
Did you know? Hamburg has more brigdes than Venedig and Amsterdam altogether.

5,4 km away
View Landungsbruecken Hotel Hafen Hamburg

The Landungsbrücken, where once famous fast steamers set sail and workers started off to their dockyards are today the starting point for many harbour boat trips. The beautiful buildings, directly in front of the Hotel Hafen Hamburg can be adored already at breakfast time in our Restaurant Port.

2,6 km away
Levantehaus Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Passages & Stores

The charming Lenvantehaus on the Mönckebergstraße lets shopping hearts beat a little bit faster. The special architecture, different manufactures and a selcted gastronmic range make this shopping adventure unique.

Picture: ©Levantehaus Hamburg

3,3 km away
Maritime Museum Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Maritime Museum
Museums & Exhibitions

Restored maritime painting, a virtual ship simulator and the seafaring history are part of the maritim museum in the Speicherstadt. The maritim flair is located in every corner of the museum and immediatly you will feel like a real sailor.

3,3 km away
Michel Hotel Hafen Hamburg

One of the most famous landmarks in Hamburg is the main church Michel, which had to be reconstructed three times after fires and bombs durching the war. The 106- meter high platform offers a unique and fantastic view of the city and the harbour.

1,2 km away
Miwula Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Miniatur Wunderland
Museums & Exhibitions, Activities

The “MiWuLa” has been elected to the most liked tourist attraction in Germany by international guest - and this for a good reason. A short journey through the whole world is possible in the miniature wonderland. The mini world is demonstrated to perfection and you can see the love in every detail. A great attraction for young and old.

Picture: ©Miniatur Wunderland

2,3 km away
Mönckeberg Street Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Shopping Miles

Close to the Binnenalster Hamburgs most famous shopping street Mönckebergstraße is located. On this street you will find all big brands in a nice atmosphere and you can start your shopping day at the central station and walk down to the Jungferstieg.

Picture: © Schwarze

2,8 km away
Michel Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Sights, Activities

At night the main church Michel is a special highlight. The 360°-view on the illuminated Hanseatic city at night is breathtaking. On different days it is possible to visit the Michel from 7.30 - 11.30pm. Please inform about the exact opening hours on the website:

1,2 km away
Neuer Wall Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Neuer Wall
Shopping Miles

International, excluxive brands, as well as local brands are represented on the shopping mile Neuer Wall, close to the Jungfernstieg. Flagship stores and more than 100 stores will let any shopping enthusiast’s heart beat faster.

Picture: ©volkerr

3,2 km away
Niendorfer Gehege Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Niendorfer Gehege

The Niendorfer Gehege is located in the north of our beautiful Hanseatic city. Forested green areas and big playgrounds are well suited for familiy tours or a day of relaxation.
Tip: Pony riding for children is also offered in the Niendorfer Gehege

9,7 km away
Elbtunnel | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Old Elbe Tunnel

Since 1911 the over 400- meter- long Elbtunnel connects the Landungsbrücken to the other side of the Elbe. It is possible to cross the tunnel around the clock by foot or bike and enjoy the view from the other side of the river Elbe. In 1911 the Elbtunnel was a technical sensation - so it is defenitiv a highlight for your Hamburg trip.

2,8 km away
Planetarium City Park
Activities, Museums & Exhibitions

The Planetarium in Hamburgs city park impresses with spectaculare shows and unique technical possibilities. At the centre of interest is the earth and its place in the cosmos as well as the star theatre, which is one of the oldest in the world.

Picture: ©Patrick Lipke

8,4 km away
Planten Un Blomen
Planten un Blomen

The green heart at the center of the big city is the park Planten un Blomen. Numerous green gardens with different themes are waiting for you and during winter, the big skatepark turns into the biggest open-air ice rink in Germany.

Picture: © Spahrbier

1,9 km away
Events | Reeperbahn Festival | Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Sights, Clubs, Cocktail Bars, Activities

Who thinks about Hamburg considers the Reeperbahn. The famous and notorious Reeperbahn – or „Kiez“– is renowned worldwide. On 930 meters visitors will find numerous bars, clubs and red-light establishments on the most "sinful" mile of the world. During the quiet of the day it is hard to imagine the extent of the shrill and vivid atmosphere after dark.

Picture: © Spahrbier

1,3 km away
Rickmer Rickmers
Rickmer Rickmers
Sights, Activities

Hamburg’s floating landmark is the sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers. You can visit the sail ship on every day of the week and it is also possible to rent the Rickmer Rickmers for conferences and events. Climbing on the Rickmer Rickmers is a great adventure for the whole family. In 35 Meters you will enjoy the view over the harbour.


3,0 km away
Sankt Pauli Museum Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Sankt Pauli Museum
Museums & Exhibitions

The interesting History of St. Pauli, from the middle ages to this days, is presentd in the Sankt Pauli Museum. Pictures, costumes, readings and diverse exhibitions give an authentic impression from this famous district.

Picture: ©Sankt Pauli Museum e.V.

1,0 km away
Schmidt Theater Tivoli Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Schmidts Tivoli
Theater & Musical

The heart of St.Pauli is located just around the corner in the theatre Schmidts Tivoli. Here you can enjoy shrill and colorful shows and cabaret. Since 2003 the show "Heiße Ecke" is a popular success and even shows for kids like "Der kleine Störtebeker" are a great option for the whole familiy.

Picture: ©Ingo Boelter

822 m away
things to do EmpireRiversideHotel Sofabar ©DirkH. Tresenreiter

The bar in baroque style holds its name with glory. Cozy couches from different eras, good drinks and subdued lights create an original living room like atmosphere. The Sofa- bar is also a famous place for first dates ;)

1,4 km away
Speicherstadt Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Sights, Activities

In the traditional Speicherstadt, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, is a lot of to explore. Take enough time for the discovery of the Speicherstadt with the worldwide biggest depot complex.
Tip: The evening hours are especially beautiful!

2,7 km away
Speicherstadt Museum
Museums & Exhibitions

The family friendly museum convinces with lots of things to touch and try. In this unique museum you will learn everything about the trade of goods and the history of the Speicherstadt, which leads back in 1888.

Picture: ©Elbe&Flut, Thomas Hampel

3,1 km away
City Park Winterhude Hotel Hafen Hamburg

In the north of Hamburg the city park with regular events and concerts is a great option for a relaxed day. Even the Planetarium is located here and on a huge green area it is possible to have a barbecue or flying kites.

Picture: © 2/Henning Angerer

9,7 km away
Zoo Hagenbeck Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Tierpark Hagenbeck

The traditional animal park Hagenbeck is an adventure for the whole familiy. More than 1.850 animals can be observed in spacious corrals and pony riding, a petting zoo and a big playground enthuse also the small visitors.
By the way: In 1907 Hagenbeck was the first animal park without grids and the idea for species-appropriate animal-rearing was at this time revolutionary.

Picture: ©Heike

7,2 km away
©TasteToursHamburg Ueberquell Tip Hotel Hafen Hamburg
ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten

Refreshing beers from the in-house micro-brewery, tasty Napoletan pizzas, a small, lovely beer museum and a terrace that invites you to linger in the summer - simply everything your heart desires directly at the St. Pauli fish market.

Picture: ©TasteToursHamburg

750 m away
Event Calendar Planten Un Blomen Water Light Concert
Water Light Games

The Water Light Games are a highlight for the whole familiy. During the day they can be marveld at 2, 4 and 6 pm and in the darkness at 10 pm the Water Light Games are very special and colorful.

2,2 km away
Wildpark Schwarze Berge Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Wildlife Park Schwarze Berge

The pot-bellied pigs are the welcoming committee of the wildlife park, which, just like the goats, love to be fed and stroked, and with their offspring they delight all visitors. There is a park railway and daily show feeding and air shows. Those who climb the 45-metre-high Elbe observation tower are rewarded with a breathtaking view as far as Hamburg.

Picture: ©

26,0 km away
Zuckermonarchie Hotel Hafen Hamburg

A sweet surprise is waiting in the Zuckermonarchie for you. The name is program - tortes, cupcakes, macarons and all what is desired by the sweat heart will be found here. In every creation is a huge amount of love as well as natural ingredients.
Tip: On pre-order you can book a afternoon-tea and enjoy the afternoon in a britsh way of life!

Picture: ©Felix Matthies

980 m away
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