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Beige flag pattern on a dark blue background.

How we invest in the future

SUSTAINABILITY - The topic of sustainability has been a priority at Hotel Hafen Hamburg for many years. We are aware of global development and want to make a contribution to the future as well as draw attention to the fact that even the smallest changes can have a big impact. We develop ideas, implement projects and are not afraid to invest with the future in mind. For example, in 2017 we upgraded our windows to a modern standard so that we don't have to regulate the indoor temperature as much.

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At the beginning of 2022, a working group was set up at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, consisting of employees from various departments relevant to the topic, which defined the topic of "sustainability" for our hotels with great commitment. A project plan was drawn up and goals were set.
We had to face unforeseeable challenges, discard ideas and face the reality that not every wish can be realised in such a historic building.
But even small measures can have a big impact on the economic, ecological and social future.
Small as well as large changes, projects that can be implemented quickly as well as those that lie in the distant future are on our agenda from now on and will be implemented step by step with great commitment.

As a company with over 300 employees, we have a responsibility towards nature, the economy and our fellow human beings, which we take seriously and are constantly improving.
In this blog you will find current topics, everything about ongoing projects and other contributions on the topic of sustainability at Hotel Hafen Hamburg.

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Beige flag pattern on a dark blue background.

Sustainability Blog

Here you will find current topics, projects and news about sustainability at Hotel Hafen Hamburg.

An outstretched hand holding a glass ball at sunset.


Towards a cleaner future and a stronger community

Discover the importance of sustainability in a constantly changing world. Learn why it's time to take responsibility and how small changes can have a big impact. Join us on an inspiring journey as we talk to an expert about practical solutions and initiatives that create a liveable future for all.

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Erh Nachhaltig24 Saskiagiebelfoto 4 Min


Zweiter Nachhaltigkeitstag

Discover the highlights of our 2nd Sustainability Day at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg and Empire Riverside Hotel. Immerse yourself in informative workshops on topics such as biodiversity, inclusion and social responsibility. Find out how we have achieved impressive savings and present our progress in concrete figures. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words - it's a promise for a more sustainable future. Experience change with us!

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The Michel church at sunrise


New thinking, active action, positive change

Hotel Hafen Hamburg is sending a strong message about sustainability at a time when the consequences of our reckless behavior towards the environment are becoming increasingly clear. Dive into their initiatives, from increasing energy efficiency to creating awareness of sustainable practices. Read on to learn how they are addressing the challenges and setting the course for a greener future.

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The beautiful terrace of the Restaurant Port with a view across the harbor and the Elbphilharmonie.


Sustainability means: Together and step by step

Sustainability means: together and step by step. Learn about our progress after our successful sustainability day in our second sustainability blog. As a hotel and company with discerning guests, we are well on our way to continuously working on new initiatives and reducing our environmental impact. A sustainable future is close to our hearts.

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Saskiagiebelfoto Erh Nachhaltigkeitstag 1 Min


First "Day of Sustainability"

At the beginning of 2023, an exciting event took place at Hotel Hafen Hamburg: our first Sustainability Day. With engaging workshops from our partners and a plenary session openly sharing our plans, successes and challenges, we were able to give all participants valuable tips on how each individual can contribute to making the world a better place.

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Green globe with recycling symbol.


Small steps to success

Environmental protection and resource conservation are more important today than ever before. For decades, our society has been anything but economical with the resources at our disposal. Whether water, electricity or people.

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Hotel management holds the GreenSign certificate in its hands.


GreenSign Certificate

Great commitment pays off. Our focus on ecological, economic and social sustainability has proven successful. The Hotel Hafen Hamburg an den Landungsbrücken is now a certified GreenSign hotel and has been awarded Level 4 out of 5 for its progress and milestones achieved in the area of sustainability.

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A digital app that simplifies check-in.


The all new online check-in

As passionate hosts, our primary goal is to make your stay with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Therefore, we are all the more pleased to introduce our new digital check-in. You can now look forward to an even easier and faster check-in.

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A beacon teddy bear in front of the Hamburg harbour backdrop.


Charity teddy bears

Since the end of November the time has come again. The cute teddy bears of Hamburg Leuchtfeuer can be found in our house. We are very happy to be able to support this charitable project which has been running successfully in Hamburg for more than 20 years.

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A fruity cocktail with the new glass straws at Hotel Hafen Hamburg.


Glass Straws

Sustainable alternative - We are happy to present you our new glass straws. The brand Halm offers a great alternative to the regular plastic straws, under the slogan "more tase, less waste".

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Green Hamburg

We have summarised the most beautiful places in and around Hamburg. You can find lakes, parks and green spaces in our environment tips with the "Nature" filter.

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