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The maritime furnished reception of the Hotel Hafen Hamburg

Covid-19 & everything you need to know about your stay

Dear guests,

to ensure that you feel completely at ease and can enjoy your stay to the full, we have summarised all the information concerning your and our safety for you.

We are eagerly looking forward to announcing that, following a decision by the Hamburg Senate, the Corona regulations will be relaxed and slowly phased out on 30th April.

What this means?

The obligation to wear masks in publicly accessible facilities has been completely abolished. Exceptions are hospitals, doctors' surgeries and public transport, where FFP2 masks will continue to be mandatory. Likewise, there will no longer be access controls with regard to the 3G regulation and the 2G regulation.

We take the health safety of our guests very seriously, so our colleagues will continue to wear an FFP2 mask or a medical mask at all times - whether at reception, in the back office area or when cleaning your room.

All further information about the current regulations can be found here.

Last update: 29th April 2022

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