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We celebrate together!

Hamburg, 10 February 2020

After three years finally over the finish line: Our five apprentices have completed their training!

Three years of training - a lot of exciting things have happened during this time, which has a lot to offer but was certainly not always easy. Serving coffee in the restaurant during the early shift, serving wine at the wedding at the banquet during the late shift and explaining the selection of whiskey in the bar at a late hour are just as much a part of the 3-year hotel management training as the further training opportunities in the vocational school and tasks in the administrative areas such as marketing and event sales.
Further cornerstones include the purchasing, reception and housekeeping departments - in both hotels. Thus, the training turns our future hotel management trainees into professionals with an all-embracing knowledge of a traditional hotel and a lifestyle and design hotel. How was the time for our former trainees?

'Despite the demanding and frequently changing working hours, I always had fun at work, no matter what department. And even from stations that were not so exciting at first glance, I was able to gain good experience. With this varied training, the world is open to us and even outside of gastronomy we are well prepared for the eventualities of life,' says Catharina Emmel, who is looking forward to welcoming you during your next stay, as she is now part of the reception team of the Empire Riverside Hotel.
Mirco Seidler, who has found his new job at the reception of the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, also describes the past three years as enormously varied. The impressions he was able to gather in the stations not only help him in his professional life, but are also useful in his private life. 'Whether wine or coffee, you take so much knowledge with you that helps you as a guest in a restaurant or in front of the shopping shelf, for example.'

Nathalie Heiser describes her training as a challenge that she is up to. 'The catering industry has challenged me in a positive way - I have grown into the role of a host and am therefore much more confident today than before my apprenticeship.'
Due to her excellent performance, we were able to recruit her for a position in our accounting department. Lea-Marie Claußen is also using her experience from the administrative areas of her training, she is starting out as an office manager in another industry. Leon Kujundzic wants to prove his skills internationally and work in Croatia. We wish both of them much success in their future careers.

We congratulate our trainees on their successful completion and thank them sincerely for their support, commitment and dedication. With all those who will continue to accompany us, we are looking forward to the common future in the different departments.