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Cold refreshment

Enjoy the perfect refreshment in summery warm temperatures with our ice cream menu.

The summer terrace in the restaurant Port offers the most beautiful view of the harbour of Hamburg and the Landungsbrücken. Under the canopy of leaves, protected from the sun, you can enjoy various refreshing sorts, ice-cream sundaes or iced coffee. We have paid special attention to quality in our ice cream selection, because our creations are made with Luicella's Ice Cream from Hamburg, with 100% natural and carefully selected ingredients. See for yourself. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Ice Cream Menu

    • Iced coffee Luicella's real vanilla | whipped cream

      € 6,00

    • Iced chocolate Luicella's real vanilla | whipped cream

      € 6,00

    • Nut cup Luicella's sugar roasted almond-maple syrup | Luicella's pistachio-chocolatechip | Luicella's real vanilla caramelized nuts | almond cream

      € 9,00

    • Strawberry cup fresh strawberries | Luicella's strawberry mint | Luicella's real vanilla | Luicella's tonka raspberry sauce | strawberry sauce | whipped cream

      € 8,00

    • Chocolate cup chocolate crunch | Luicella's chocolate deluxe | Luicella's chocolate-hazelnut-praline sauce | chocolate caramel sauce | whipped cream

      € 8,00

    • Ice cream cup for children Luicella's real vanilla | Luicella's french roll | strawberry sauce | marshmallows

      € 5,00

    • 1 scoop of Luicella's Ice Cream real vanilla | french roll | chocolate deluxe | chocolate hazelnut praline sauce | tonka raspberry sauce | sugar roasted almond-maple syrup | strawberry mint (vegan) | pistachio-chocolatechip (vegan)

      € 3,00