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Cold refreshment

Enjoy the perfect refreshment in summery warm temperatures with our ice cream menu.

The summer terrace in the restaurant Port offers the most beautiful view of the harbour of Hamburg and the Landungsbrücken. Under the canopy of leaves, protected from the sun, you can enjoy various refreshing sorts, ice-cream sundaes or iced coffee. We have paid special attention to quality in our ice cream. See for yourself. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Ice Cream Menu

    • Iced coffee vanilla ice cream | whipped cream

      € 7,00

    • Iced chocolate vanilla ice cream | whipped cream

      € 7,00

    • Sweet & Crunchy hazelnut ice cream | salty caramel ice cream | vanilla ice cream | caramelised nuts | chocolate caramel sauce | caramel popcorn | whipped cream

      € 9,00

    • Strawberry cup raspberry sorbet | milk yoghurt ice cream | vanilla ice cream | marinated berries | strawberry sauce | whipped cream

      € 9,00

    • Chocolate Deluxe chocolate ice cream | hazelnut ice cream | vanilla ice cream | chocolate caramel sauce | whipped cream | crunch

      € 9,00

    • Ice cream cup for children raspberry sorbet | milk yoghurt ice cream | strawberry sauce | marshmallows

      € 5,00

    • 1 scoop of ice cream vanilla | chocolate | strawberry | hazelnut | salty caramel | milk yoghurt | raspberry sorbet

      € 3,00

Hungry for ice cream?

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