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Towards a cleaner future and a stronger community

In an constantly changing world, it is time for us to realise how our decisions shape the future. What are we talking about – sustainability!

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But why is sustainability so important anyway? Isn't everything good as it is?

Not at all! Our earth is our home and it is our responsibility to protect it. Sustainability means conserving resources, protecting the environment and minimising our ecological footprint. This is the only way we can secure the future of our descendants.

We all have a role to play in this. That's why we went in search of an expert and asked our technical manager for advice, because who could know more about sustainability than someone who is confronted with sustainability issues on a daily basis? Be it the introduction of energy-saving lamps or efficient waste management.

With great commitment, he is always looking for solutions to conserve resources and inspire both our guests and employees. Because only through active participation and change can we create a future worth living for everyone, especially for future generations!

In this context, we would like to introduce an initiative that is committed to ensuring that every child is heard. The "Time for the Future" initiative offers mentoring programmes to provide every child with a mentor. Together we are shaping the future, so be part of this inspiring journey!

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Beige flag pattern on a dark blue background.

Zeit für Zukunft

In a world where not all children have the same starting conditions, Zeit für Zukunft creates a protected environment through its voluntary mentoring programmes for children and young people aged 6 to 16 in Hamburg. Many of the mentoring relationships go far beyond just afternoon care or tutoring and develop into friends and role models. This enables the children to discover new things, build self-confidence and realise their potential.

Imagine this: A world where every child has access to support and mentoring to realise their full potential. A world where education is not just a privilege, but a universal right. This is exactly where Mentoren für Kinder e.V. comes in.

The journey of this inspiring organisation began a few years ago. They realised that the future of our planet lies in the hands of the next generation. But not all children have the same opportunities and resources to realise their dreams. This is where Mentors for Children e.V. stepped in to close this gap.

Through their innovative mentoring programme, they connect committed adults with children and young people who need extra support. These mentors are no ordinary teachers or carers – they are guides, confidants and inspirations for a promising future.

The tandems, as Zeit für Zukunft calls the relationship between mentor and protégé, are often long-term and last for at least a year. This personal bond has been proven to increase children's opportunities for education and participation while strengthening cohesion in our society.

Zeit für Zukunft finds mentors for children in challenging life situations and attaches great importance to careful placement and professional support. Together, child and mentor experience new facets of Hamburg, learn about other cultures and strengthen their bond.

As a purely donation-financed organisation, the support of committed members and donors is crucial. The team of employees takes care of selecting, supporting and advising the tandems as well as developing further training programmes for mentors.

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