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The Hotel Hafen Hamburg photographed from a bird's eye view during the day.

Saving resources

Environmental protection and resource conservation are more important today than ever before. For decades, our society has been anything but economical with the resources at our disposal. Whether water, electricity or people.

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In the hotel industry, it is not easy to manage the balancing act between an economical use of resources and a flawless hotel experience for our guests.
Three overarching points on our project plan for more sustainability are:

  • Waste management
  • Employee participation
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

In this blog we would like to share with you some of the results we have already achieved on these points.

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Beige flag pattern on a dark blue background.

Suppliers - purchasing - packaging

In our extensive project plan on the topic of sustainability in our hotels, there are several points that are handled via purchasing. Ideas and decisions are developed and made together.
So far, we have already been able to implement some ideas and thus achieve small successes, which in total already have a great leverage effect on our waste management, for example.

  • Reduction of paper
  • Decision for an environmental printer
  • Expansion of the range of organic products
  • sustainable packaging material
  • Cooperation with local companies/suppliers
  • Change from disposable to reusable
  • Waste separation

Small steps with big impact


  • bedtime snacks are packed in FSC bags
  • no portioned goods in our staff restaurant
  • only portioned butter left as portioned good on the breakfast buffet (for hygiene reasons)
  • agreements with suppliers regarding return of packaging/reusable packaging

Break = Quality time

Day after day, our staff are there for our guests. Whether it is with a smile at breakfast, a helping hand with luggage transport or careful but quick room cleaning. The transition between check-in and check-out is fluid and there is hardly any time to take a breath. A 30-minute break comes in handy, because we all know that a full stomach makes you more productive and, above all, happier.

Our colleagues have always been provided with delicious food every day in our canteen "Herzstück". However, our "Herzstück" was getting on in years - it lacked charm. What has changed?

Hafen Diner became "Herzstück goes Hafen Diner"

Our Restaurant Hafen Diner has been given a general overhaul and has been shining in new splendour since 4 November. It is no longer a burger restaurant as we know it, but a new staff restaurant and training room. The staff restaurant, or the "Herzstück" (german for: centrepiece) as we like to call it, is a thank-you from the management to each individual staff member. It is a sign of appreciation and a gift for the daily master achievements of the entire team.

From now on, our colleagues can rest here, enjoy their breaks and switch off. Our trainees now also have the great opportunity to use the former "Herzstück" as a training facility and thus optimally prepare for the upcoming framework curricula and exams.


General Manager Enrico Ungermann

Sustainability Day in our partner hotel

„Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife, are in fact plans to protect man.”

Stewart Udall

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Hotel management holds the GreenSign certificate in its hands.


GreenSign Certificate

Great commitment pays off. Our focus on ecological, economic and social sustainability has proven successful. The Hotel Hafen Hamburg an den Landungsbrücken is now a certified GreenSign hotel and has been awarded Level 4 out of 5 for its progress and milestones achieved in the area of sustainability.

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