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New thinking, active action, positive change.

At a time when the consequences of our reckless treatment of the environment are becoming ever more apparent, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important at Hotel Hafen Hamburg - fortunately!

The question "What does 1-2 degrees mean?" may sound superficial, but its implications are alarming. While not every:r seems to be directly affected, the polar ice caps are melting, forests are going up in flames, and the number of mentally ill people is rising continuously.

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Superficial actions, such as separating waste, have long since ceased to be sufficient. At Hotel Hafen Hamburg, we face the challenge of finding sustainable alternatives for the long term. This process is time-consuming and may also require financial investment. But it is an investment that will pay off in the long run, not only ecologically but also economically - we are deeply convinced of this at Hotel Hafen Hamburg. Every 6 weeks, we gather our internal sustainability team to discuss ideas, successes and also setbacks. From these meetings, we draw valuable insights from which we derive concrete recommendations for action. We would now like to give you an insight into the developments that have taken place at our Hotel Hafen Hamburg over the past few months.

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Beige flag pattern on a dark blue background.

What happens if we don't change anything?

The drastic effects of climate change are no longer theoretical concepts - they are reality.


In view of these pressing challenges, it is essential to take active action at Hotel Hafen Hamburg. In our sustainability team, we constantly discuss, discard and decide on the smallest improvements and steps.

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At Hotel Hafen Hamburg, for example, we have set the date for our second Sustainability Day and already announced it. This event should not remain a rarity and will be held annually. Here, the achieved goals and current challenges are communicated transparently, space is given for ideas and feedback, and extensive information is provided about the 3 pillars of sustainability. In addition, we have set aside a slot for the topic of sustainability in our onboarding of new colleagues at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, so that everyone is picked up from the first day of work and can directly contribute his or her ideas. According to the motto "Veggie is not bad, it's delicious!" there are now more and more "Veggie Days" in our restaurants for employees at Hotel Hafen Hamburg. Not only on the guest side, but also behind the scenes, every:r at Hotel Hafen Hamburg is taken by the hand on the way to a sustainable future.

Our goal for this year at Hotel Hafen Hamburg was to formulate smart goals on the topic of sustainability. Here we have now formulated our first goals for the year 2024 and defined some more to be further concretized. These cover all 3 pillars of sustainability and involve the entire company, including at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, starting with the kitchen, through purchasing and the front office, to technology. We are confident that we can achieve our goals through continuous optimization, which does not mean that the targets are set low. We will present our goals at Hotel Hafen Hamburg at our next Sustainability Day in January 2024 and then, of course, transparently here on our sustainability blog, as always.

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Great success with small changes

We were able to achieve gratifying results through targeted measures in the area of energy use. Use of timer programs, motion detectors, LED lighting and other technologies led to significant savings.

We introduce:


"Oll Inklusiv" is an inspiring Hamburg initiative that focuses on actively involving "Seniors & Senioritas" and people aged 60+ in what is happening today. At Hotel Hafen Hamburg, in a world inhabited by young and old alike - be it digital or analog - we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome. Founder Mitra Kassai emphasizes the enrichment she draws from her conversations with seniors and senioritas at various senior residences. These conversations about memories, occupations, hobbies, and fears teach her to appreciate the true values of life. The initiative reflects these values by establishing a network for people 60 and older that serves as a link between generations.

Through "Oll Inklusiv", Hotel Hafen Hamburg creates a connection between generations, showing that life in all its facets is shared by all of us, regardless of age or background.

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