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Vanilla crescent cookies

Hamburg, 05 December 2022

The Christmas bakery is officially open. What would Christmas be without a cozy evening in the kitchen with delicious cookies waiting for you in the oven? When the sweet smell envelops the room and it's cold outside, you look forward even more to the little delicious pastries that bring a smile right to your face as soon as you've snacked on them.

That's why this year we have a classic in our luggage, and that is vanilla crescents. Our kitchen team from the Port Restaurant has created the perfect recipe, which is not only easy to bake, but also guaranteed to please everyone. Even the little ones can lend a hand here and brush and decorate the treats. So grab your loved ones and start the great snacking adventure!

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Ingredients for the vanilla crescents:

  • 300 gr - Butter
  • 150 gr - Sugar
  • 150 gr - Ground almonds
  • 2 packets - Vanilla sugar
  • 420 gr - Flour
  • A pinch of Salt


When all ingredients are mixed and well blended, weigh out 12 grams of dough each and shape into croissants. Bake the cookies at 190 degrees Celsius for about 12 to 15 minutes. Then carefully roll in a vanilla sugar and icing sugar mixture.
The recipe yields about 84 vanilla crescents.

We wish you a good appetite and a lot of fun in your Christmas bakery!

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How you can decorate your vanilla crescents

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