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Let's rewind: The Year 2022

Hamburg, 12 January 2023

The new year has arrived and we are starting the new chapter of our lives with confidence and excitement. 2022 was a year full of challenges and successes, which we are now looking back at with a sense of gratitude and pride. We are proud to have achieved new goals and to have overcome the challenges that this year brought us. Take a look back with us at our memories of this past year, before we start collecting new ones together.

Interview with General Manager Enrico Ungermann and two members of his sustainability team

„value creation through appreciation - a tribute to the entire team of the hotel hafen hamburg. Many thanks to each of them!”

General manager Enrico Ungermann

„After a mixed start into 2022, which was accompanied by crises, we are very proud of our employees for having overcome all hurdles together. We were able to cope well with the partly lasting changes in the tourism industry and can therefore look forward to the new year 2023 optimistically and full of verve.”

General manager Enrico Ungermann