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The Port Terrace awakens

Hamburg, 19 April 2023

The first buds have emerged and our city gradually presents its shimmering greens, bringing fresh colors to the restless April.

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Together with the start of spring, we have also shed our winter coat and open our patio doors. The motto - goodbye, cold winter, welcome spring and full speed ahead towards summer. With our summer terrace freshly furnished with Italian furniture, we step into the warmer days. The most beautiful view of Hamburg harbour and the hustle and bustle of the Landungsbrücken is, as we all know, from our port terrace.

Some people have already found their favourite spot here. The terrace is particularly inviting when the temperature is warm and you can enjoy a delicious ice cream straight from the Port Restaurant kitchen. Whether it's a classic iced coffee, a delicious piece of cake accompanied by a cup of coffee or a sweet yet crunchy sundae with hazelnut or salty caramel ice cream, young and old alike will get their money's worth here.

Simply enjoy the fresh air and watch the city bustle from above. For the somewhat colder and wet days, which are not entirely uncommon in Hamburg, our green roof made of lime tree crowns will protect you.

So stop by - you can hardly get more Hamburg than this.

Your team from Hotel Hafen Hamburg

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Ice Cream Menu & Hot Beverages

    • Café Crème

      € 3,00

    • Espresso

      € 2,50

    • Cappuccino

      € 3,50

    • Café au lait

      € 3,50

    • Latte Macchiato

      € 3,50

    • Hot chocolate

      € 3,50

Some ice cream or more?