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Fresh defenses in the hotel

Hamburg, 18 January 2022

Circuit breaker, coronababies, frontliners and Co are only a short selection of words that have entered our almost daily vocabulary during the past two years. Just a few more are missing and we almost have a new language. The latest is "booster jab". Just by saying the word, one is already looking forward to the new defences that make life and especially travelling a lot safer. And what's a little prick? That's what we at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg thought, too.

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Therefore, we are currently charging our immunisation forces in order to continue to welcome our guests safely.

Already in summer, the hotel made in offer for the first and second vaccination to all of its approximately 240 employees who had not yet been vaccinated elsewhere, wich was very well received. Now, every interested employee also has the possibility of a booster vaccination (first and second vaccinations are of course still possible). We employees are happy to accept this uncomplicated offer. So after helping out our guests at reception in the morning, it's a quick hop to the vaccination at lunchtime. A fast appointment, short distances to the doctor and no waiting times invite you to accept the free offer. Freshly immunised and having weathered evrything well, it's time to say: "Hello and welcome to the Hotel Hafen Hamburg. Did you have a pleseant journey?" again.

In addition to our hygiene concept, nothing should prevent you from having a safe stay in our house. So why don't you come and visit us again! In spite of the cold season, perhaps our overnight special:Winter Ahoy is something for you.

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Click here for our Winter Ahoy arrangement