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The North Report: Apprenticeship with a view of St. Pauli

Hamburg, 17 December 2021

Remember when you spent a night in a hotel and it was just nice because you didn't have to cook or clean up by yourself? Anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel should be familiar with this feeling. We are also proud to be able to offer our guests this comfort, but we also like to let you take a look behind the scenes. How does the daily life in a hotel look like? Join us and our young staff on a journey through the corridors of our hotel.

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Together with NDR, we took a look into the lives of our trainees. What does their everyday life look like, what are the biggest challenges, how do they master the balance between work and free time, what brought them to the hotel industry and where do they see themselves in the future? Emily Metzentin, Tobias Timm and Yasar Kartal will tell you. Regardless of whether they are in their first year of apprenticeship or in their third, one thing is certain: all three apprentices are confronted with new tasks every day. Whether in housekeeping, at the reception desk or in the kitchen, there is always something new to discover.

Find out this and much more in the 30-minute northern report of the NDR, which was broadcast on 09.12.2021.

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