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Covid-19 employee vaccinations

Hamburg, 14 July 2021

The Corona pandemic has had a major impact on the lives of all of us. No topic has been discussed as extensively in recent times as Covid-19. The Pandemic made us overcome many hurdles, but also positive aspects became apparent. A stronger sense of community emerged in the fight against the virus. Thanks to today's science, there was soon a solution founded - the vaccine. Now the real fight and containment of the pandemic could begin.

This topic is very significant for us at Hotel Hafen Hamburg. Because, especially for a company whose main task is to provide services, the coronavirus has created many difficult situations. In order to make the contact with you as safe as possible, we have therefore been eagerly waiting for a solution. Now the time has come - everyone can be vaccinated. We didn't have to be told twice. Throughout the company, our employees were given the opportunity to be vaccinated and the offer was very well-received.

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Of our 245 employees, almost 100 thankfully welcomed the offer and had themselves vaccinated. When asked how they felt about the vaccination offer, most of the feedback was positive. The speed and structured organization of the vaccination appointments particularly stood out. A lot of our employees were registered on several lists at the same time, whether at the family doctor's office or at the vaccination center, but they were all surprised how quickly the vaccination took place via the company.

"I had barely registered, and my vaccination appointment was already there," says Sandrina Huber from the reservations t in the Food & Beverage department. Our new colleague Luna-Gina Fenkse, Assistant Food & Beverage Management, found it very impressive that even as a new team member, she was taken directly on board. "I was already given the opportunity to be vaccinated on my third day at work. There was no distinction made, everyone was given a chance."

The virus has affected everyone, so we are even more excited that things are getting better, and we can finally be your hosts again.

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„As the newest team member in the marketing department, I was given the opportunity to be vaccinated through the company right at the beginning. As soon as I accepted, I had my vaccination appointment. Everything was very well organized.”

Maryam Moradian, Junior Online Marketing Manager