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Hamburg's Message in a Bottle

Hamburg, 11 December 2019

To mix up our drinks list a bit, we recently had an event take place in the Tower Bar to mix beer cocktails. Together with some of our editors and partners we created a new drink. On this day everybody was mixing, shaking and of course tasting! The result was a Hanseatic refreshing beer cocktail called Hamburger Flaschenpost (Hamburg's message in a bottle). The drink will be available soon on our map.

For those of you who want to bridge the waiting time until the next bar visit, here is the recipe:


2 cl Amaretto
2 cl Cointreau
2 cl orange juice
1cl lemon juice
a dash of Aperol
4 cl beer (e.g. Astra, Lager)
2 cl Helbing cumin

Put the Amaretto together with the Cointreau, the orange juice, the lemon juice and a dash of Aperol into a glass and mix. Fill the glass with ice cubes and stir the drink several times so that it takes on the cold. Then add about 4 cl of beer (more if you like) and refine with 2-3 cucumber slices. Finally, open a 2 cl bottle of Helbing Kümmel and place it upside down in the beer cocktail. The highlight: The more of the beer cocktail you drink, the more Helbing caraway will flow in.

We hope you enjoy trying it out and look forward to your next visit to our Tower Bar!