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4 years of captaining our hotel Hafen Hamburg

Hamburg, 01 February 2022

This month marks the anniversary of a special event for our hotel. Almost exactly four years ago, we welcomed Mr. Enrico Ungermann, our new hotel director, on board. On the occasion of the anniversary, we look back together on what it means to be the hotel director of such a tradition-steeped hotel.

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Hello Mr. Ungermann, thank you very much for taking the time. You moved into this hotel as hotel director in 2018, are you actually a Hanseatic?

No, my roots are in the deep south - at the wonderful Lake Constance. Nevertheless, I appreciate the proximity to the water in my adopted home of Hamburg, whether the Elbe or the Alster, the harbour in connection with Hanseatic etiquette.

How did you get into the hotel business in the first place?

I already knew at school that I wanted to be a chef. Back then, I was the only boy who voluntarily joined the a cooking study goup in school. It was always clear to me that my path would lead to the hotel and catering industry. Even if it wasn't always easy, you can see and do an incredible amount of things. You get to know different people and countries more than in any other profession.

When you started here four years ago, what challenges did you face then?

Basically, I first had to understand and internalise both hotels (note: Hotel Hafen Hamburg & Empire Riverside Hotel) and their different philosophies. Each of our hotels stands on its own and is therefore unique. This balancing act was not easy at the beginning. Over time, I have managed to empathise with each house and in the meantime both have become "flesh and blood". You can actually say that two hearts beat in my chest.

Important question: Due to the age of the building and the structural changes that have been made over the years, the Hotel Hafen Hamburg is famous and infamous for its winding corridors. Hand on heart, how long did it take you to find your way around?

Indeed, Hotel Hafen Hamburg presented a challenge to my sense of direction at the beginning. But I would say that I found my way around the hotel very quickly. With luck, however, I was able to open every door with my key card and as the infamous saying goes, "Many roads lead to Rome...!" A very suiting metaphor in my opinion!

You now know the hotel inside out, what do you personally think: what does the Hotel Hafen Hamburg inspire its many guests with today?

Quite clearly: our guests appreciate and love the Hanseatic-maritime orientation of our hotel paired with the historical reference to the port of Hamburg. The heart of the Hanseatic city! Last but not least, it is above all our staff who, as hosts with a (Hamburg) heart, give our guests the feeling of "being a piece of Hamburg", at least temporarily.

When you look back over the last few years, what do you remember most positively, what were the real highlights?

A very comprehensive, interesting and revolutionary project, both for me and for the hotel, was the conversion of the "Port" restaurant. From the collection of ideas and the final project planning to the implementation and continuation of the food concept, but also the selection of different design elements, it was a very exciting and great time for me! And the result is more than respectable. Our guests also love our Port, which stands for honest, hanseatic and high-quality cuisine.

Thank you very much, Mr. Ungermann. Let's cast off and full speed ahead into the next few years!

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